Lyerly School students. Date unknown. Courtesy of Wilburn Ragland.

March 2015 Features

Professor Charles Bell, teacher, principal, and superintendent at Trion Schools, left Trion after many years of service, but returned for the annual Red Book Singing, a tradition which began in his honor. Trion historian Brad Hayes presents a tribute to Prof. Bell.

The flame which burns outside the Chattooga County courthouse was presented to the citizens of Chattooga as shown in these photographs taken in 1969.

1969 was also the year Bill Price opened Bill's Barber Shop in Trion. To celebrate, he had an open house as shown in these photographs.

How would you like a free car? In 1963, the seniors at Trion were giving one away as shown in this photograph.

Ever watched a kid get his first haircut? Ever had to hold a kid while he got his first haircut? Here's a 1959 photograph of a kid, a father, and a barber.


Chattooga resident Joe Speer kept a daily journal of life in the county from 1944 to 2001. This month, Uncle Joe's Journal features excerpts written in March 1975.

This month's High Res(olution) Photo of the Month shows students at Menlo School from the 1930 school year. Just click on the March 2015 thumbnail for the photograph.

You can learn more about Chattooga County by visiting the Chattooga County Historical Society's Facebook page here. The Society is also developing a website which will feature photographs of the county. I'll link to it as soon as it's available online.

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Sara Pullen, Jodie A. Pullen, Jr., and Mildred Pledger stand in front of Mr. Pullen's Gulf Station in Summerville, circa 1955. Courtesy of Joe Pullen.

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