glove mill
Lyerly Glove Mill, 1965. Subjects unidentified.

April 2015 Features

I try to keep the personal stuff out of this website, but some of you fellow boomers who enjoy reading fiction might be interested in an announcement found at the bottom of this webpage.*

For the next few months, I'm having a Spring Clearance sale. I've got hundreds of good photographs I've been hanging onto, hoping someday I'd get around to finding enough information with which to write captions. Well, someday's come and gone so I've decided to go ahead and upload them anyway.


I spent over a week at the Chattooga County Library in 2012 scanning boxes of negatives from the T. Emmett Nunn collection (shown above). I plan to feature dozens of "T's" photos in the coming months even without captions. T was possibly the most prolific photographer in Chattooga County during the second half of the 20th century. I'd rather share his photographs without captions than let them sit on a computer hard drive.

We owe a debt of gratitude to those people who have assisted in the preservation of his negatives, including Susan Stephens at the Chattooga County Library; and Gene McGinnis, Brenda Lanier, and Steve Strickland at the CC Historical Society.

Now, on to Mr. T's photographs:

1955 Trion High School Banquet

1956 Summerville High School Majorettes

1957 Summerville Jaycees welcome Miss Georgia 1956

1960 Summerville High School Banquet

1961 Big Friendly Fashion Show

1962 Pretty Houses in Trion

1965 Milk Truck Special Delivery

1977 Trion Denim Days

Also this month, Trion historian Brad Hayes writes about former Trion High School coach and principal Clarence Blevins.


Chattooga resident Joe Speer kept a daily journal of life in the county from 1944 to 2001. This month, Uncle Joe's Journal features excerpts written in April 1975.

This month's High Res(olution) Photo of the Month shows kids at the Summerville First Baptist Church, circa mid-1950s. It's actually "two for one" this month with two photographs stitched together. Just click on the April 2015 thumbnail for the photograph.

You can learn more about Chattooga County by visiting the Chattooga County Historical Society's Facebook page here. The Society is also developing a website which will feature photographs of the county. I'll link to it as soon as it's available online.

Happy Viewing!

Greg McCollum, Editor  

Some sort of dress-up day at the Lyerly Glove Mill. 1965.

*I've got another book out, this time a short novel set in a fictional small town. Here's the blurb:

Nancy Hamilton didn't want to attend her 40th high school reunion. The girl voted "Most Likely To Succeed" is now divorced, broke, and not feeling like the "Most Attractive" girl in her class. But when her invitation arrives with a contract for $5,000 to appear in a reality TV show about her high school days entitled I Woke Up Back In High School, she accepts.

Nancy plans to spend a few days in her hometown, grab her paycheck, and go home to her granddaughter. But to survive the week's filming, she'll have to keep an old classmate, zillionaire T. William "Hillbilly" Hill, from making a lovesick fool of himself like he did at their graduation. Billy's used to getting anything he wants, and now he wants to make Nancy wife number 5.

Bo Weaver, the former high school football quarterback, is on to Billy's scheme and is determined to thwart it. Bo's spent 40 years regretting his breakup with Nancy. Now, she's coming back to the town he never left. It's his last chance.

I Woke Up Back In High School. It's all about growing up, growing older, and finding, at long last, what really matters in life.

The book has romance and rescues, fake students and teachers, a lost child who returns, a dangerous mission, and a big football game at the end, pitting the 58-year-old former football players from "Thornfield High School" against a bunch of ex-NFL players. There's plenty of offbeat humor, some serious and sad parts, a few cuss words, and plot twists at the end.

And yes, the cover shows a photograph of the old Summerville High School substituting for the fictional "Thornfield High School."

I Woke Up Back In High School is only available as an ebook from these online retailers:

Amazon Kindle

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Apple's iTunes iBook (please open iTunes for a link)

Kobo, Smashwords, and others.

If you don't have an ebook reader, you can download a free Kindle Reading app for your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Just click on the Amazon link above.

Hey, I Woke Up Back In High School is only 99 cents. Such a deal!

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