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The Summerville High School Band marches north on Commerce Street in downtown Summerville, circa late 1950s. The old Summerville News office and Jordan's Department Store are in the background. I believe the man standing near the center foreground in the white shirt is Mr. Nelms, a pharmacist at Jackson Drug Store which was located off camera to the left. (Courtesy of Kelly Jordan.)

April 2014 Features

Midway Lanes was the bowling haven of Chattooga County for a few years in the 1960s. Here are some photographs of several teams that competed at the facility once located just south of Trion.

In the early 1950s, Menlo competed in the Championship Home Town contest sponsored by the Georgia Power Company. Here are several photographs of the town's efforts to win the competition in 1951.

Chattooga County has always had talented and pretty ladies, and the 1967 Miss Chattooga County pageant was no exception.


Chattooga resident Joe Speer kept a daily journal of life in the county from 1944 to 2001. Wednesday, April 2nd would have been his 89th birthday. All who knew him miss his kindly voice, and any child who ever met him found an instant friend. This month, Uncle Joe's Journal features excerpts written in April 1974.

The Summerville High School Marching Band, circa 1958, is the subject of this month's High Res(olution) Photo of the Month. Just click on the April thumbnail for the photograph.

Get involved in our history. Check out the Chattooga County Historical Society Facebook page here as they celebrate the county's 175th birthday.


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used cars
"Announcing our new used car lot is open directly across Washington Street." February 1960 ad in the Chattooga Democrat newspaper for Leonard Thomas Ford (later known as Brimp Warren Ford). Photograph by T. Emmett Nunn. Courtesy of Chattooga County Library.

1966 Sinkhole At New CHS Stadium
Found To Be Time Tunnel

tunnel not of love
It's not everyday that Gus Whitmire, bulldozer operator for the City of Summerville, got to travel back in time (and space, as well) to the signing of the Magna Carta, but that's exactly what happened in August 1966 when Gus began filling in what was thought to be a sinkhole at the south end of the newly constructed Chattooga High School football stadium.

"I got too close to the edge and that old bulldozer - it's one of them Caterpillars - started to shake and just fell into that hole. I figured I was a goner, but I saw a light at the end of the tunnel and figured it was Jesus coming for to take me home, and all. Hen, turns out, I'm floating in space in England back in the year 1215."

To his surprise, Gus was well-received by the locals, including King John and his subjects. "You would have thought I was the Lord Almighty the way they started bowing down to me. Anyway, I told them to stop making such a fuss. That king, now he's just a good ole boy like I am. We got along real fine. He even invited me to sit a spell and eat supper, but all of a sudden I started floating again. First thing I know, I'm back on the forty yard line of the stadium with a turkey leg in my mouth."

It was then that Gus discovered the sinkhole/time tunnel had disappeared. "I'm glad that thing went away. It would have taken forever to fill that thing in."

"They say once you fall into one of them there space-time continuums, you sure don't want to go back again," reflected Gus from his home on Union Street in Summerville. The Summerville Police Department is investigating the apparent theft of the city's only bulldozer.

As for Gus, he's been contacted by ABC-TV. "Them boys at the ABC station wants to do a show about my experience. They're even going to call it 'The Time Tunnel.' If that don't beat all."

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