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horse and buggy
Horse and buggy. Unidentified riders and location. Courtesy of Bill Bowman.

November 2014 Features

Can it possibly be fifty years ago? It was Fall of 1964 and Chattooga High School's football team played their Homecoming game at Sturdivant Field. Here is a feature showing several football players, marching band members, and several young ladies and their sponsors in the 1964 Homecoming Court.
Many people may remember former Chattooga County resident Bill Bowman from his years at Farmers & Merchants Bank. Here are several photographs by Bill made from 1949 through 1954.

Several ladies from the Trion Mill gathered at the Riegeldale Tavern in 1968 to celebrate an upcoming wedding.

The lovely contestants of the 1969 Miss Chattooga County competition are featured here.


Chattooga resident Joe Speer kept a daily journal of life in the county from 1944 to 2001. This month, Uncle Joe's Journal features excerpts written in November 1979.

This month's High Res(olution) Photo of the Month shows an aerial view of Trion. Just click on the November thumbnail for the photograph.

You can learn more about Chattooga County by visiting the Chattooga County Historical Society's Facebook page here. The Society is also developing a website which will feature photographs of the county. I'll link to it as soon as it's available online.

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One of several photographs contributed by Bill Bowman. Click on the link above to access the rest of Bill's photographs, plus captions.

*A personal postscript....

In addition to the monthly updates to this website, I enjoy writing fiction. Several years ago, I met a lady who once wrote an advice column for a New York City newspaper. Not long ago, I came across an advice book written by her available on eBay and purchased it.

The advice was written in an era when women were expected to marry well and never work outside the home again. Transferred to today, it becomes satire, but it inspired me to create a fictitious character, an old Atlanta socialite who writes terrible advice books for "modern gals."

If you've got a weird sense of humor, perhaps you will get a laugh or two from my efforts.

The first booklet is available free until November 5th on Amazon's Kindle format. If you don't have a Kindle or ebook reader, you can download a free Kindle reader at Amazon.

The second booklet is available at Amazon and several other ebook sellers including Barnes & Noble (Nook format), Apple iTunes (iBook format), Smashwords (various formats), and others.

Next year I hope to publish an ebook novel about a 40th high school reunion with several comic twists and turns. I'll mention it on a future post, but will try to keep the personal stuff on this page to a minimum. Thank you for your patience!

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