This photograph, circa 1940, shows two sets of twins, students at Pine Grove School near Menlo. The boys are Albert and Alton Parton; the girls are Irene and Willene Brooks. (Courtesy of Chattooga County Library.)

August 2014 Features

Miss Blanche Toles taught school in Menlo for 50 years. In 1952, her students worked on a multicultural clay modeling project.

County Coroner Roosevelt Young was featured in a televised news story by WSB-TV. What brought a TV reporter all the way from Atlanta to cover this story? Was it some sort of political scandal?

Agriculture has always played a part in our county's history, and the local FFA and 4-H Club were at the forefront in promoting farm life to youngsters. Two teenagers won high honors for their champion cattle in 1966.

Former Governor Ellis Arnall paid a visit in 1966 to Chattooga County in his quest to win the state's highest office. Unfortunately for the highly qualified Arnall, he lost to a guy who used to give away ax handles.


Chattooga resident Joe Speer kept a daily journal of life in the county from 1944 to 2001. This month, Uncle Joe's Journal features excerpts written in August 1967.

You'll find this month's High Res(olution) Photo of the Month, featuring one of Riegeldale Dairy's prize cows, udderly delightful. (Sorry. I can't help myself.) Just click on the August thumbnail for the photograph.

Check out the Chattooga County Historical Society Facebook page here as they celebrate the county's 175th birthday.


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One of the big commercial events of 1966 in Chattooga County was the grand opening of the Sequoyah Motel.

The motel was owned by Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Hawkins and featured a TV in each room, air conditioning, and a telephone. (Photo by T. Emmett Nunn. Courtesy of Chattooga County Library.)

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These lovely cheerleaders can't wait for the new stadium at Chattooga High School to open in 1966. We'll have more on the building and dedication of the "Little Big Horn" in September's issue.

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